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Third Generation - Hermann Schütz: The Booming Years


Hermann Schütz, Maria’s oldest son, was trained in Hamburg and worked for five years in Caracas. Like his father he also met his wife there, a young lady from Pforzheim. They married, returned home and Hermann joined the Gathmann company in 1960.


Under his dynamic leadership the company’s activities expanded around the globe. He turned the Caribbean Islands into a key market for the company and travelled up to seven weeks with a jewellery collection of 11 suitcases.


Expanding the company he started business trips to Arabia, the Far East and Southamerica. In the Japanese Market he founded the “DELAN-Group” of several German manufacturers in order to enter this difficult market. Through his hard work he built up the exellent reputation of the company worldwide.


Australia and the Pacific Region as well as Canada and part of the Caribbean Islands were developed by Klaus Britsch who had joined the company in 1971. His sales trips around the globe took sometimes up to 10 weeks.


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